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Looking to develop your intuitive and psychic gifts? Don't miss our special upcoming classes with visiting Medium Julie MacDonald!

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  • Learn to hone your innate intuitive abilities with a gifted teacher & psychic medium who has many years of training and experience.
  • Develop healthy boundaries, gain control of your personal energy and learn how to protect yourself energetically.
  • Learn to raise your vibrational frequency for greater ease of connection and clarity.

Saturday 9/29 & Sunday 9/30 (Level 1)

Saturday 10/6 & Sunday 10/7 (Level 2)

Gain a new level of perception.

We all have innate intuitive abilities. 

Learn how to identify and utilize your unique expression of these abilities to your greatest advantage in all areas of 

your life! Let Julie's years of intensive training and experience be your guide.

Realize your inner potential.

Your abilities are waiting to be activated! Psychic and intuitive abilities allow communication with spirit in your own unique and special way. These classes will help build your skills and your confidence.

Be a part of the magic & discover true empowerment!

Your future self will 

thank you. 

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to invest in yourself! Learn a new and valuable skill set to assist you with finding unwavering clarity and purpose on your journey forward.

Overview for Intuitive Unfoldment Classes

Level 1 - Intuitive Unfoldment

  • Intuition basics.
  • Different ways people receive messages.
  • The personal, inborn talents of each individual, known as the "Clairs:" (Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, Clairempathy, Clairsentience, and beyond)
  • Discerning messages and information.
  • Controlling and directing one's connection and intuition.
  • Protecting oneself from negative energies and spiritual vampires.
  • Raising ones vibrational frequency for greater ease of connection and clarity.

Level 2 - Expanded Intuitive Unfoldment

  • Increasing energy sensitivity, control, and protection.
  • Working intuitively with others.
  • The construction and format of delivering messages.
  • Ethics.
  • Ancestral Connections.
  • Calling in help: sources of divine guidance, angels, guides, and others.
  • Meditation and communion.
  • Dream travel.
  • Boundaries.
  • Shortcuts to achieving greater clarity.
  • Quick access and the "spirit interview process."

Meet Julie MacDonald

Psychic Medium, Teacher, Author, Mentor

Julie is an ordained Spiritualist Minister, Psychic Medium, Trance Medium and empath who has been connecting and communicating with those in the Spirit World since she was a young child. Through years of intensive training and decades of experience, Julie has fine-tuned her natural gifts to serve her mission as an instrument of Spirit to deliver insight, messages, and hope to humankind.

For nearly two decades, Julie has been working professionally as a Psychic Medium, with a clientele that spans the U.S. and abroad. Julie is passionate about her purpose, and her responsibility as a medium to keep connected continuously to energies of only the highest vibration, intent on nothing less than her client’s highest good.

Julie’s first purpose is to work side by side with her clients and students as they pursue their highest calling. Whether it is a message of comfort, step-by-step strategies on how best to accomplish a specific positive outcome or goal, or one-on-one private mentorship and training, Julie is continually pushing herself forward in her task of bringing healing to others—one gifted soul at a time.

You will feel as if you’ve known Julie for much longer than just your class or session. Clients rave about how personable she is, about her remarkable accuracy, and how she always finds a unique way to relate to everyone who seeks her services. Julie will not just bring about Spirit’s messages and healing; she will also inspire you to embody your highest good as you travel this life.

Dr. Malidoma Patrice Somé,

West African Elder, Teacher & World-Renowned Author 

Expert Testimonial

"Reverend Julie MacDonald is a medium by birth, a professional psychic, and a spiritual activist at the cutting edge of consciousness."

Pricing plans for Intuitive Unfoldment Classes

Intuitive Unfoldment

Level 1


Nearly 10 hours of

personalized instruction!

Saturday, 9/29 10am-5pm

Sunday, 9/30 Noon-5pm

Intuitive Unfoldment

Level 2


Nearly 10 hours of 

personalized instruction!

Saturday, 10/6 10am-5pm

Sunday, 10/7 Noon-5pm

$50 Savings Deal

Both Classes


Nearly 20 HOURS of instruction!

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is available 

until September 28th

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